My morning dose of Contrarian Thinking

I have followed Codie Sanchez for quite a while on Instagram and her message has always resonated with me. The other day I got an email from Kim Doyal in her #FtheHustle newsletter and she mentioned Codie’s newsletter, Contrarian Thinking. I signed up immediately.

Fast forward to this morning and I got an email from Contrarian Thinking with a “rant” that made me stand up right here in the middle of my living room with a big “hell yeah”.

See, during the George Floyd protests, I was in my own hell and hadn’t really come up for air. To be honest, I was struggling to care about what was going on in the world. My mom had been in the hospital for months — during COVID none the less — and my heart was breaking But to add insult to injury, I received email after email telling me if I wasn’t part of the solution and doing my part right now, I was part of the problem. What!? All I kept thinking was if one more business owner sends me an email telling me that I am part of the problem, I’m going to scream. My heart is breaking. I don’t know if my Mom is going to survive. I can’t think about the world right now. And I didn’t. But you know what, that doesn’t make me a bad person, or a racist, or uncaring, or any of the other words they threw at me. It just added to an already difficult time for me. And if I’m being honest, I unsubscribed from a lot of lists at that time.

That is why the email from Contrarian Thinking hit the mark for me today. She didn’t put those words out from a self-righteous point of view. She spoke tough love and it’s about damn time somebody said it. I can’t even start quoting — there were so many fabulous snippets — but two of my favorites…

“Are you spending more time on hating Trump or hating liberal media than you are creating the life you want?”

Codie Sanchez from Contrarian Thinking


“Who are you going to blame for your life not going the way you want when orange man is gone or when big Zuck finally gets beaten down?”

Codie Sanchez from Contrarian Thinking

If you feel like you or your business needs to take a stand when things go sideways (and things will keep going sideways) definitely do what you think is right, but I strongly believe we need to check the words we’re using when we email our list or post on social media. I know I’ve failed in this area a few times myself and I can do better.

Take a minute and read the email. It is so worth it. Plus, she has some seriously awesome content!

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