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When you started your business, you didn’t know that you had to also be a website designer. Your business has grown and changed, but your website hasn’t, or maybe you’ve never actually gotten your website off the ground.

And if I’ve learned anything in the 14+ years that I’ve worked virtually, it’s that it is super easy to over-complicate everything, including your website. You either sit paralyzed in fear to get started or you get started but all of the pieces start to snowball out of control and become overwhelming. You end up with a lack of clarity that is nearly impossible to sort out all on your own. That’s where I come in.

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Who is sandy wiles

And why should you work with Sandra Lee Creative?

Sandy Planning

I am Sandra Lee (Sandy to most), owner of Sandra Lee Creative. I help small business owners and non-fiction authors get a professional website so they can confidently share their message. Imagine releasing all of your website shame with a website that is simple, beautiful, and based on strategy.

My business started as a way to make a living and be home with my daughter and has evolved into a passion to help other business owners create a professional image for their brand.

I have created a business where beauty and strategy happily co-exist.

Other important things to know about me

I am a solopreneur by choice (if staying solo is something you’re interested in, you should definitely read Company of One). I may work with contractors for specific projects, but I enjoy working with my clients one-on-one. Not having the red tape and crazy overhead of a larger agency allows me to be present for my clients. There is nothing wrong with the other models, but as you’ve probably discovered, I strive for simplicity, and the solopreneur model is what works for me.

I have some pretty strong business beliefs including…

I don’t think you have to do #allthethings to be successful.

I believe we each get to decide what success means to us.

I believe simplicity and margin = greater success and freedom.

Are you ready to take your website from start up to standout?

Want to know me a little better

  1. I don’t watch scary movies, EVER. Seriously, NEVER. They completely freak me out and have me checking closets, showers, and under the bed for weeks.
  2. I have regular conversations with both my cats and my house plants.
  3. I adore small homes with mid-century modern and boho styles.
  4. Two of my guilty TV pleasures are Perry Mason and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
  5. I love to drive, and I sing in the car…loud. And there might be some dancing too.
  6. My niece used to call me a hippy and, I have to admit, it feels right.
  7. I have had thyroid cancer twice — when I was 22 and 33.
  8. I believe in simplicity and white space in everything I do.
  9. I consider myself an introvert. That doesn’t mean that I’m not social. I just work really well in a crazy, uninterrupted focus and I cherish my alone time with a cup of herbal tea and my thoughts.
  10. I am an optimist and believe we have to make the choice daily to experience joy.
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