Why I Focus on Simple Websites

When it comes to your website, designing a simple website is actually a pretty difficult task. So, why do I focus on simple websites?

Websters Dictionary has a few definitions for simple, but the first two are:

1) easy to understand, deal with, use; and
2) not elaborate or artificial; plain.

The answer to the question is actually pretty, well, simple. I absolutely believe that in almost all areas of business, anything we do with intention and in the simplest way possible is more likely to be successful. When we overcomplicate, we create more work. When we don’t plan and create a structure to work within, things become random and don’t connect in a meaningful way. The same principles apply to your website.

But don’t mistake a simple website for boring or all white. It’s more about breathing room, white space, and clean, crisp transitions. When I land on a website that doesn’t try too hard it lets me relax and enjoy the content. It’s a much better experience. An uncluttered, organized space, physical or virtual, has a positive impact on us and our visitors.

A website crammed with too much information on a page, excessive animation, or tons of ads that create slow load times ends up looking busy and isn’t a user-friendly experience. Just because there are hundreds of options, doesn’t mean we have to use them all. Subtle and occasional animation is a happy surprise that can enhance our calls to action.

The amount of work behind the scenes for a simple website doesn’t change. There is still research, determining client goals, obtaining the perfect assets, and creating on-point copy. There is still dealing with hosting, security, and the other technical pieces involved. The same amount of planning and strategy applies to every website. The difference is how to balance all of that in a clean, easy to navigate environment that works. But when it is accomplished, it is a thing of beauty.

And that, my friends, is why I love working with clients on a simple website founded on structure. The challenge is not only adding the right content to the website in the simplest way possible but it’s also taking a hard look at the systems that feed into the website to make sure everything works together in the best possible way for you and your visitors.

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