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There are a lot of ways to get your website built including DIY or having a friend help you. I’ve had clients in the past whose friends know WordPress and could help them get updates made. Unfortunately, knowing WordPress and knowing website design, structure, or user experience isn’t exactly the same thing. It’s a lot like me knowing how to change the flapper in a toilet, but I don’t really know plumbing.

This idea hit home over the weekend when I saw an article (in the Morning Brew newsletter) about a new dorm being considered in California. An architect on the design review committee resigned because the building is being built based on plans from Charles Munger. Mr. Munger also happens to have donated $200 million to the project with the stipulation that his design be used. While he may be a financial genius, he isn’t an architect. There is a lot of debate about the dorm — lack of natural light for 94% of the rooms is one of them. The feature that struck me as really strange is that a building intended to house 4,500 students only has 2 exits. Two! WTH? You can read more about the building here.

While I know that it’s possible for business owners to learn WordPress or Wix or any other website building platform, it’s important to remember that the platform is really only one of the many decisions that have to be made when you’re building your website. As someone whose business focus is building websites, I know the importance of, and am continually learning about, best practices for mobile responsiveness, website accessibility standards, branding, security, and your customer journey.

Having this dorm built with funds donated is definitely a win for the college, but not using the knowledge and expertise that is readily available to them through their design review committee doesn’t make practical sense.

As a business owner, is it more important to save money but potentially make mistakes than work with an expert whose sole focus and training can help you accomplish your project faster and with better results?

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