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There are a lot of ways to get your website built including DIY or having a friend help you. I’ve had clients in the past whose friends know WordPress and could help them get updates made. Unfortunately, knowing WordPress and knowing website design, structure, or user experience isn’t exactly the same thing. It’s a lot …

Your New Website is Live! Now What?

Your Website is Live Now What

Congratulations! Your new website is live and you’re feeling like a million bucks. Now what should you do? Having your website built is just the first step. There are still two pretty big buckets that need to be filled every month. But before I get into that, a little story… As I launch my new website, …

Start with Website Strategy, not Design

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As I was preparing my new website for launch so many thoughts about website design and life, in general, were rolling around in my head. Website design isn’t necessarily about a client’s idea of “design” at all. Design isn’t just about pretty colors and typography. Website design starts with the website strategy — goals, intentions, …

Why I Focus on Simple Websites

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When it comes to your website, designing a simple website is actually a pretty difficult task. So, why do I focus on simple websites? Websters Dictionary has a few definitions for simple, but the first two are: 1) easy to understand, deal with, use; and2) not elaborate or artificial; plain. The answer to the question is actually …

Learn the 5 Steps to a Winning Website Project

What makes a web design project successful? Download your copy of our free ebook and learn 5 important steps that are crucial for a winning website project.


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